Our IT Strategy & Planning practice helps align technology and process with your business goals. We have unique and unparalleled experience that enables us to conduct thorough, unobtrusive and accurate assessments and planning for your IT environment.

We strategically assess all components of your IT environment and understand the business drivers that should be the basis for sound decision making. We provide assistance in areas including IT governance, mergers and acquisitions, sourcing, benchmarking, assessment, and ongoing advisory services. From a planning and implementation perspective, we help you align your IT objectives with your business plan to create a detailed roadmap for delivering strategic value through IT services. Through our expertise, we not only deliver the plan that fits your needs and objectives but also assist throughout the entire implementation process.

Our exclusive database of staffing, spending and operational benchmarking information quickly helps you measure your IT effectiveness against peer firms and establish your roadmap to IT success. Our history as the pre-eminent technology consultancy in the legal sector enables us to understand your unique needs and your firm's strategic business objectives. This understanding is the basis for critical decision-making and solutions that help you provide high-value IT support to your organization.


Your organization has business goals it wants to effectively meet. End results are important, but how you proceed is critical too. On time. Well-organized. Within budget. Carefully considered.

Our advisory and implementation services include a full understanding of legal business processes and strategy combined with technical knowledge. Our comprehensive suite of integrated services allows us to provide innovative, practical, and cost-effective solutions that help our clients manage firm/department business issues regardless of medium, structure, or location.

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