• HBR @ Apttus Accelerate 2015
    Join Kevin Clem on Friday, Apr 9th
    for a session on the future of advanced analytics and how data from multiple sources is leveraged to help make
    informed contract risk management & operational investment decisions.
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  • Unlocking the Value of an Information Governance Strategy
    Karen Hornbeck is featured in Corporate Counsel w/an article on the importance
    and approach in implementing a
    successful information governance

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  • Law Departments Find Increasing Value in the Use of Data Analytics
    In the first of an IC three-part series,
    Kevin Clem talks about why analytics
    are gaining increased focus in law
    departments and how they are likely
    to be used in the future.

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  • Law Department Spend
    Tilting In-House
    Lauren Chung is featured in Today's
    General Counsel
    with an article on how
    law departments are becoming smarter
    in optimizing the use of internal and
    external resources, translating into
    direct cost savings.
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  • 5 Disasters Waiting
    To Hit Law Firms
    Steve Falkin is featured in a Law 360 article on the issues (and potential disasters) that come with the growing prevalence of electronic data and the increasing mobility of employees.

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  • A Winning Strategy to Developing a Corporate Legal Hold Playbook
    Bobbi Basile addresses the processes and decisions that should be considered when developing a Legal Hold Playbook.

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  • Charting Your Firm's
    Course Post-Merger
    Erik Schmidt is featured in Peer to Peer Magazine with an article on the connectivity challenges and market pressures
    confronted with firms today, esp. those
    involved with a merger or acquisition.

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  • Uncover and Convey the Value of Your Law Library
    Kris Martin and Constance Ard talk about a 3-step process for bridging the communication gap to ensure law library directors are uncovering and successfully conveying the value of their department.
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  • The Secrets to In-House
    Cost Control
    Lauren Chung shares how a small
    number of law departments in 2014
    showed a 3 % decrease in total legal spending where most kept legal spending increases at modest levels.

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  • How Does Your Law Firm
    Library Stack Up?
    Kris Martin talks about to know if your law library is in a position to evolve into a proactive, sophisticated resource center
    for navigating in the increasingly data intensive legal environment.

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  • Five Common Procurement Misconceptions
    Clay Fox talks about how procurement changes at law firms are usually met with internal resistance, which more often than not, is due to five basic misconceptions.

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  • Caution: Flaws Of The Attorney-To-Secretary Ratio
    Sharon Quaintance is featured in
    Law360 with an article on why law firm leaders should reconsider using the
    firmwide attorney-to-secretary ratio
    as a decision-making tool.

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  • HBR Completes Pro Bono Project for Tahirih Justice Center
    HBR proudly announces the completion of its inaugural pro bono project for Tahirih Justice Center. The project's goal was to better align its employee compensation packages with industry peer organizations.

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  • The Print Room: How to Spend Less and Get More
    Senthil Rajakrishnan and Ryan Mittman
    are featured in Law360 on how analyzing current needs and defining a print strategy can help streamline the use of equipment and labor, thereby reducing overall costs.
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  • HBR Procurement Outsourcing Program @ Shearman & Sterling
    HBR Consulting announces the successful completion of its first year of a three-year procurement outsourcing project with global law firm, Shearman & Sterling LLP.

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